In the summer Cor van Kippersluis and Ingrid Brinkhuis will teach a five-day workshop Tantra, relationships and intimacy in hotel de la Providence in Egliseneuve d´Entraigues in the  Auvergne in France.

In this workshop you will work on enlightening, improving and liftting to a higher level of your emotional, relational and sexual functioning. This will be done with the help of various techniques from tantrism and by exercises to improve communication. We wiil deeply examine the messages you received in your childhood about sexuality, both on an intelectual and an energetic level. We will examine what restrains you from having a totally free andd satisfying sexual functioning. We will pay attention to festal aspect of Tantra. So you can live the energy you have found back. In the Tantra vision love starts with loving oneself.

Time: friday 08:00 - tuesday 17:30. More info: contact

We will create a surprising, sparkling, loving and intensive workshop. Subjects will be:

-feeling boundaries and indicating them

-what is intimacy?

-working with sexual energy

-history of your intimate and sexual life

-bioenergetic exercises

-communication in relationships

-analysing limiting thoughts and convictions and creating more constructive



-sexuality, intimacy and effort

-gender roles

-breathing techniques

-touching and being touched

-making contact with yourself and the other

-movement and dance

One of my Tantra teachers said:  “Tantra is the road  of which I always hoped that it existed. ”

That is how we feel that too. We hope you award yourself in the coming workshop with a part of that road. The atmosphere in our workshops is always very special and you will have unforgettable experiences.