Feedback from the people who participated in the courses

Some remarks from the written evaluations of several participants from tantra workshops and courses:

-Beautifullly constructed. You did create a safe situation.
-I learned the PC pump, the inner flute, tensing the pirineuem muscle. Becoming conscious of my own sexual life energy and letting it flow through my whole body. And realizing that I can allways come back to that. Wonderfull. What a discovery! Daring to open up for this energy together with others. And to experience an unity in the safety of the course and the people around me.
-I liked to have the book next to the course.
- The variety was beautifulll. Feeling, practising en talking.

Woman, Highschool teacher

-The fact that I can go for what I want the best. For instance in choosing a partner.
-I expierienced how the more instinctive qualities can bring a good equilibrium if I allow them and integrate them in my personality.
-I am more conscious now of how I was controlled by the moralistic voice in me. I now dare to allow more feelings of sexuality. Without shame.

Man, 35, application manager

- That it is a beautifull expierience to open yourself and to feel as a result.
-To really feel
-The last tantra day was a delicieus expierience. The feeling that was liberated that day made me realize that I want to feel and live again.
-The conversation about sexuality was very usefull

Woman, massage therapist

-I learned a lot about my own emanation. And about creating and influencing an atmosphere of intimacy and safety.
-Especially the possibility of separately being able to percieve trust, safety, intimacy and sexuality was important to me.

Man, 35, ICT Manager

- If I caress my partner while looking in her eyes, after some time I see her eyes only. During caressing there is a stream of emotions and feelings in me continually. I realize that these emotions and feelings have to do with me mainly. A delicious expierience.
-I have expierienced that these techniques increase my sexual energy even for a longer period. I feel much better because of that.I feel more alive and present. This is very valuable to me.
-During exercising with the "inner flute" at home the second time I had a beautifull "heart expierience". It seemend that I entered an other dimension and I kept repeating: "God, God, God,....Very special.
-I discovered that stripping is a lot of fun for me.
- The course was good and very cool. It was my first tantra course. I removed many boundaries. I enjoyed it from the start to the end!

Man, 54, Teacher

- I dare to expierience more without having to do something with it.
- I feel more than I did before.
- I enjoy touching more intense.
- I removed boundaries.
- I feel more open.
- The massage in the circle connected to all the women was very special. I felt the energy go round.
- Good and very cool. The singing "I love me" with my own words.

Woman, 60

- That it is nice to be doing this kind of sensual and sexual discoveries. To feel appreciated and valuated. To be naked without being ridiculedd or judged. To let go of all "false"shame.
Man, 57, System and applications manager.
- That the Tantric is great and enclosing everything. I was already sensual but it seems that my senses are opener and sharper now.
- It is about surrender and trust for me. To let people look deep into you , with open heart, and to let come what comes.
-The course is taught with much love, expierience and enthousiasm. I enjoyed the collaboration..

Woman, 55, coach

-I feel life ever better. I develop myself continuously.
-I came closer to myself.
-If you open your Heart, you can mean a lot for each other.
-More insight in my life.

Man, 54, massage therapist

Other reactions:

"Enjoyed it"
"Sharing was valuable"
"Nice group"
"Very nice, to be able to be together with love and attention in a flow. To be one.
"Much recognition"
"I learned that sexual expieriences can be exciting and funny too"
"I dare to let the other come close to me now"
"With respect and playfull"
"Beautifull weekend"

We find it touching to see people meet with so much love. Essential needs are being fullfilled. Which leads to standing more loving and relaxed in life.